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Computer Data Entry Operator Situation Vacant

Posted: Yesterday
Place: Dubai

A computer data entry operator is a professional responsible for inputting, updating, and maintaining data in computer systems and databases. Their primary job is to ensure that data is accurately and efficiently recorded for various purposes, such as record- keeping, analysis, reporting, and decision- making. Here are some key responsibilities and skills associated with this role:

Data Entry: Enter data into computer databases, spreadsheets, or other digital formats. This may include alphanumeric data, numerical data, or text.

Accuracy: Maintain a high level of accuracy in data entry to prevent errors and inconsistencies in records.

Speed: Efficiently input data while maintaining accuracy and meeting deadlines.

Verification: Cross- check data for accuracy and completeness, and make necessary corrections or additions as needed.

Data Cleaning: Identify and rectify errors, duplicate entries, or inconsistencies in data

Company:falak tayab

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