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Restaurant Hostess Wanted in Dubai

Posted: 02-02-2024

For a brand new Spanish Fine Dining restaurant located on the rooftop of the Vida Creek Harbour Hotel we are looking for a creative, confident and outgoing individual who thrives in a social setting.

As a hostess at La Cala Restaurant, you are the first point of contact for our guests, setting the tone for their dining experience. Your role involves creating a welcoming atmosphere, managing reservations, and ensuring a seamless flow of service to enhance guest satisfaction.

Summary of Responsibilities:

Manage reservations with precision, ensuring accurate handling and optimal table allocation to enhance the overall guest experience.

Proactively communicate with guests regarding wait times, providing transparency and managing expectations seamlessly.

Collaborate with serving staff to maintain an organized seating plan, optimizing table turnover without compromising the fine dining ambiance.

Ensure the Hostess area maintains an ambiance of sophistication and tranquility, contributing to an immersive and pleasant atmosphere.

Acknowledge and celebrate special occasions for guests with a personalized touch, enhancing the sense of occasion in the fine dining setting.

Proactively address guest needs, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious waiting area that reflects the establishment's commitment to excellence.

Serve as a central point of communication between guests and serving staff, facilitating seamless coordination and enhancing overall service efficiency.

Manage reservations and communicate effectively with the kitchen and serving teams to ensure smooth operations during peak dining hours.

Efficiently manage and confirm reservations, ensuring meticulous records and timely communication.

Demonstrate the highest standards of customer service and professionalism in handling reservation inquiries, catering to the exclusivity of fine dining.

Maintain an organized reservation system, optimizing table turnover, and enhancing overall guest satisfaction within the refined atmosphere of a fine dining establishment.

Offer insightful recommendations for alternate seating arrangements during peak times, contributing to the seamless flow of service.

Resolve minor customer complaints promptly and diplomatically, showcasing a commitment to exceptional service recovery in a fine dining context.

Escalate major concerns to the Line Manager with discretion, maintaining the reputation of the establishment.

Uphold and enforce the uniform code as per the company's stringent standards, ensuring a polished and professional image in line with the fine dining atmosphere..

Adhere to personal hygiene standards, reflecting a commitment to excellence..

Leave a comprehensive handover for the morning shift, providing insights and updates to ensure continuity in service excellence..

Actively participate in training sessions, staying informed about the latest menu offerings, wine selections, and service protocols relevant to a fine dining experience.

Embrace opportunities for personal and professional growth, contributing to the overall refinement of the dining service.

Thank guests sincerely as they leave, expressing genuine appreciation for their patronage.

Extend a warm invitation for guests to return, ensuring a positive and lasting impression that aligns with the fine dining standards.

Uphold and enforce the highest grooming and style standards, ensuring a polished and sophisticated image that aligns with the fine dining atmosphere.

Preferred Qualifications and Skills

5- 6 years working in a luxury establishment.

Excellent knowledge of fine dining service.

Strong commitment to service.

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