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Store Supervisor Needed in Dubai

Posted: 25-05-2023
Place: 27th street Sharjah

Supervisor duties and responsibilities

A Supervisors main goal is to manage a team of employees by providing constant feedback and communicating the company's goals. Some of their primary day-to-day responsibilities include:

Managing the workflow of their employees, creating team schedules and delegating tasks.

Assessing the work performance of their employees and identifying areas that need improvement.

Ensuring that business goals, deadlines and performance standards are met.

Training and onboarding new hires to make sure they understand their roles.

Setting goals for workers and making sure they comply with the company's plans and vision.

Recommend new employees to the human resources team based on an assessment of their performance.

Reporting performance records and evaluations to Human Resources and senior management.

Supervisor skills and qualifications

Supervisors are crucial assets for any business. By leading teams of employees, managing tasks and coming up with solutions, they help reduce your workload and keep the workplace clean and organized, so the position demands a strong set of skills, such as:

Advanced leadership and team management skills.

Attention to detail and problem-solving skills.

Strong written and verbal communication

Expertise in a specific industry

Knowledge of company policies

Time management and organizational skills.

Ability to maintain a consistent teamwork mentality.

Computer skills and knowledge of collaboration tools.


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