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US Special Technician Required

Posted: 31-01-2019
Duties as Technical Specialist for Oshkosh/Caiman/Maxx Pro Vehicles:
To provide the UAE ARMED FORCES Technical Team with the following services:
 Oshkosh/Caiman/Maxx Pro Vehicles servicing.
 Assistance with scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.
 Assistance with Level 1, 2 and 3 corrective maintenance. (Can be recommend, if any special tools required for the Level 3 maintenance).
 Assistance with repair orders, warranty claims sent to the relevant departments.
 Assistance with Technical and logistic problems.
 Recording, advising and proposing solutions for serious technical problems.
 Assistance with recording repetitive technical occurrences and liaising with the company to find preventative solutions.
 Checking the shortcomings in the technical publications and participating with the authorities concerned in the requests for correction.
 Checking that the UAE ARMED FORCES has received all the mandatory directives issued by the company, that these directives are complied with and that the results are obtained.
 Tracing real reasons for respectively Oshkosh/Caiman/Maxx Pro Vehicles un-serviceability.
 Preparing and following up various inspections.
 Assistance with the continuing tasks performed by the UAE ARMED FORCES maintenance staff in support of Oshkosh/Caiman/Maxx Pro Vehicles. Monitor that correct services and repair procedures are implemented by the UAE ARMED FORCES technicians and advice as necessary.
 Develop a support function with the UAE ARMED FORCES maintenance facilities with an emphasis on technical assistance and education.
 Utilize technical publications to develop on the job maintenance training procedures and utilization of technical publication.
 Implement technical and job training where specific requirements are delineated.
 Perform publication verification and propose changes to technical data when required.
 Provide technical report and technical assistance to the UAE ARMED FORCES for questions on operation, maintenance and repair.
 Support the development of the operation of the UAE ARMED FORCES facility. Maintain the flow of repair items by analyzing problem areas and suggest solution to the UAE ARMED FORCES maintenance team.
 Provide the UAE ARMED FORCES the technical support for troubleshooting and diagnostic procedures on Oshkosh/Caiman/Maxx Pro Vehicles and support equipment.
 Provide on-the-job training and appropriate certification.

General Conditions and Performances
 To maintain close technical liaison with the UAE ARMED FORCES engineering staff as well as with the technical expertise of the company’s technical team.
 To furnish technical advice on the maintenance of the vehicles and to advise the UAE ARMED FORCES on accomplishment and standard maintenance performed.
 To assist in resolving queries and technical problems arising from/or associated with the Oshkosh/Caiman/Maxx Pro Vehicles.
 To be on duty for such number of hours as shall be reasonable necessary to meet the UAE ARMED FORCES requirements. A normal working week will comprise up to 40 hours. However in urgent circumstances the specialists will attend beyond the normal working hours.
 To give assistance and advice to the UAE ARMED FORCES engineering staff to help solve and problems arising from day to day operation of the Oshkosh/Caiman/Maxx Pro Vehicles
 To provide a focal point for technical communication between the UAE ARMED FORCES and the company.
 Performance of technical investigations after special occurrences or incidents


This job is no longer available

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