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We are Looking for Support Officer

Posted: 30-06-2022
Salary: AED 5000
Place: Umm Al Shief Sheikh Zayed Bahwan Plaza Room 104 Dubai

Job description

Support Officer with a flexible mandate to provide operational and technical support to other departments and administrative support to the General Manager.

Immediate employment

Kindly read before you apply.

Key competency for Support Officer:

Educational and professional qualifications will include:

University degree in architecture, civil engineering, real estate project development or related field.

A proven 5 years of experience in performing similar and/or related tasks.

Analytical and writing skills and good ability in manipulating, analyzing and reporting survey information.

Ability to meet deadlines and prioritize multiple tasks.

Strong organizational, coordination and reporting skills.

Proven ability to synthesize and summarize complex information.

Ability to work within a group.

Ethics and integrity and the ability to work in a multicultural environment.

Have high attention to detail with strong communication skills.

Ability to problem-solve.

Delivering quality and results

Proficiency in the use of computer and related software;

Fluency in English.

The Foreseen Tasks

A. Support to Property Management Department:

1. Property Assessment before management plan stage:

Providing technical assistance to the Property Manager to assess the property, including Assets inventory, building structural state, security plan, maintenance needs, insurance fees, cleaning services needs and legal verificationetc.

2. Property improvement and upscaling stage:

Supporting Property Manager (PM) in following up the execution of renovation and the fit-out work.

Preparing the renovation BoQs and equipment specifications.

Hiring an outsourced construction contractor in the basis of provisional or lump sum.

Contacting equipment (furniture, fixtures, appliances) suppliers and receiving best offer prices.

Acquiring the official authorization from concerned public bodies for the renovation work.

Receiving the work and reporting to GM PM and GM.

Installing of furniture, fixtures and compliances.

3. Ongoing management of the property stage:

Providing support to the Property Manager in hiring outsourced services of security, cleaning and maintenance.

Performing routine inspection, maintenance and repair to the property.

Keeping vacant units clean, repaired and maintained.

Supervising the onsite cleaning and maintenance workers and security personnel.

Make sure the amenities are running properly.

Submitting reports to PM and GM.

B. Support to Project Development and Management Department:

1. Initiating the deal between HAK Group and landowner/client stage:

Supporting the GM in initiating a deal for the acquisition of a property by HAK Group or project development by perceiving the required information before starting the property assessment or designing proposals.

2. Property Assessment before acquisition of land stage:

Conducting a thorough examination of every aspect of the property with assistance from an outsourced real estate agents and legal experts to establish its assets and liabilities and evaluate its commercial potential.

Providing recommendations on whether to go forward in the deal or to terminate it based on the findings.

3. Designing Proposals for project development stage:

Communicating the requirements of the project with the outsourced designer to prepare different renders.

Conducting site visits to collect valuable information that could help in preparing the design.

Following up on the development of the design with the outsourced designer.

Discuss the proposed designs with the GM before submitting it to the client.

Following up on the design modifications with the outsourced designer based on the client feedback.

4. Agreements preparation with landowners/clients stage:

Preparing the agreements with the general and special conditions in coordination with the finance department and the outsourced agent and legal experts.

Making necessary changes to agreement terms after communicating it with the landowner/client.

5. Pre-Execution preparation stage:

Hiring/contacting a certified construction consultant.

Preparing the project budget with the Financial Department as per the agreement.

Following up the preparation of the bid with drawings and BoQs by the outsourced consultant and designer and supervising the contracting process of the outsourced construction contractors.

Make sure that the outsourced construction consultant acquires the official authorization for the construction from the Municipality, Roads and Transport Authority and the Energy Authority and others.

6. Execution of work stage:

Supervising the execution process under the supervision of the GM and in coordination with the finance department.

Organizing quality assurance visits to the site for the CEO, GM and th.


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